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Our products

Almond Oil (Sweet)

Almond Oil (Bitter)

Amla Oil

Amla Retha Shikakai Oil

Aniseed Oil

Argan Oil

Black Mustard Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil

Carom Seed Oil

Castor Seed Oil

Clove Oil

Coconut Oil

Costus Root Oil

Croton Tiglium Oil

Fish Oil

Garlic Oil

Ginger Oil

Jasmine Oil

Lemon Oil

Linseed Oil

Neem Oil

Olive Oil

Onion Oil

Orange Oil

Peanut Oil

Poppyseed Oil

Pumpkin Oil

Radish Seed Oil


Roghan-e-Baiza Murgh

Rose Water

Sesame Oil

Sulpho Oil

Taramira Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Turpentine Oil

Walnut Oil

Wheat Oil

who we are?

Since 1951, we are manufacturing herbal oils in the purest environments from natural herbs. We provide high-quality herbal oils all over the Pakistan meeting the rich demand for herbal oils. We export our products to Middle East, Europe and all around the world. We are producing quality in more than 300 herbal products.

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what we make?

We take special care in selecting the specific variety of raw products from which we extract Oil with the latest technology. Our specialty is to make the purest oils to maintain the effectiveness of herbs. Our products are mostly used for personal care and development, from hair oils to massage oils, more than 300 products. Choose the best with us.

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how we work?

The best way to inspire community is by producing real authentic line of herbal oils which are widely used all over the world. We categorize our production as, Hair Oils, Arabian Oils, Massage Oils, Edible Oils, these categories efficiently make easy for people to choose. From plant and herb to extraction and to your door-step, we do all.

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11 Amazing Benefits Of Cilantro Or Coriander Oil

The health benefits of cilantro or coriander essential oil can be attributed to its properties as an analgesic, aphrodisiac, antispasmodic, carminative, depurative, deodorant, digestive, fungicidal, lipolytic, stimulant, and stomachic substance. What is Coriander Essential Oil? Coriander essential oil is extracted from the seeds of…
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