Snake Oil / Zait-ul-Hayya

Our snake oil is a potent concoction of other essential oils such as castor oil, mustard oil, sesame seed oil, and many others, straight from your grandmother’s cupboard! Snake oil is rich in omega fatty acids and other oils that serve to nourish the hair follicle from the root to the tip. It targets split ends by follicle nutrition to ensure strong and silky hair. Not only that but snake oil encourages hair growth and prevents excess breakage by strengthening keratin in hair strands. We recommend using it as a hair mask and avoiding contact with the scalp. This oil is the secret weapon that’ll help you achieve luscious locks with long-term results!

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Key Features:

  •  Strengthens, nourishes, lengthens hair
  •  Prevents split ends from forming
  •  Prevents hair loss
  • Helps to thicken your hair and make it strong
  • Moisturize the skin and improve the health of the hair follicles

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